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Recipes: Red Pepper Pasta Sauce Recipes

Red Pepper & Mozzerella Caprese


- Eastern Eats Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

- Eastern Eats Tamarind Sauce ~ 2 tbs

- Balsamic Vinegar ~ 1 tbs

- French Bread

- Fresh Mozzerella

- Red Bell Pepper (1)



- Fresh Chopped Basil



1. Mix Eastern Eats Tamarind Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar, set aside

2. Heat oven to 350`F.

3. Cut French Bread down center and into 4 equal pieces.

4. Lightly butter soft side of bread (or use olive oil) and toast till light brown in oven.

5. Let bread cool once toasted, then spread Red Pepper Pasta Sauce.

6. Cut red bell pepper into 4 inch long slices and roast on pan. (Do not cook completely).

7. Slice Fresh mozzerella into 1/2 centimeter round slices and place on top on bread with sauce.

8. Place roasted red bell peppers on mozerrella slices and put in oven. Bake until mozerrella slices start to melt.

10. Remove from oven and garnish with basil and and drizzle tamarind sauce mixture.




Creamy Pink Tortellini Primavera


Sauce & Pasta:

5oz of Eastern Eats Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

1 tbsp. of olive oil (or butter)

½ cup of cream (or pre-made Alfredo sauce)

½ cup of sliced mushrooms (or asparagus)

10oz of cooked and cooled tortellini



½ cup of halved cherry tomatoes

2-4 leaves of fresh basil (or rosemary)

Red pepper flakes to taste (optional)

Grated cheese to taste


Recipe serves 2-4



1. Prepare tortellini according to instructions on package

2. Heat pan on medium, add olive oil and mushrooms, stir for 3-5 min. until tender. Then add Eastern Eats Red    Pepper Pasta Sauce and cream. Stir for an additional 5 min. on medium. Then add tortellini to sauce, cover

   and simmer for 3-5 min. Place on plate and garnish with basil, grated cheese and red pepper flakes. 




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